I grew up surrounded by pink shadows, Disney fairy tales, and lots and lots of 'when the Prince saved the Princess'. Not that it wasn't beautiful, it just wasn't real. 
As I got older, I realized that as we were educated, we should be just waiting for the perfect man to come, to have an incredible wedding and be the perfect wife to provide children for the man. I've never been good at waiting, and my ego just screamed and shouted at me to be the Princess, the Prince and the King and the Queen, and the fucking royal pet if it was necessary.
I was shocked when I started dating guys, all that I felt inside, I kept it secret because none of them was ready for the not-save-the-princess thing. So I got used to it. 

As I talked to my girl-friends, I realized lots of them were going through the same experience. They had partners who were paid infinitely more than them and payed for most of the plans they were doing together, which make them feel terribly wrong, and at the same time, it gave the man a false sense of power over their couples that wasn’t really healthy.

Is that we give money all the power and leave ‘love’ behind? Money has certain power in a capitalist world indeed, but are millionaires richer than those who have freedom and respect full-time in their relationships? Why do we stop being our own King and Queen just to hand over our partner the title?
I guess it's all a matter of priorities. No matter how you were educated, re-educate yourself! If money is the priority in your life, there ain't no way you're going to be rich.
Choose love, above all.